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Why Us?

Culture Building

Why not build your culture such that your organization becomes the top choice for the highest performing professional staff in and around your market?  

Value Driven

We know that increasing value in Healthcare is decreasing costs and/or improving outcomes.  

Innovative Mindset

The Adminologybay Team understands that the problems of tomorrow will not be solved by the methods of the past.  


Operations Support

Through the leadership of Adminologybay’s founder, our team offers support services for your organization.  Whether it’s a simple video call consultation or a part-time COO position, we are here for you.

Speaking Engagements

Schedule Adminologybay’s Founder, Alan Coppock, for your next event!

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  • Execubay – Senior Healthcare Leaders
  • Providerbay – Licensed Providers
  • Personnelbay – HR Professionals

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